Frequently Asked Questions

When I donate to the SIU Annual Fund, does that also make me a member of the SIU Alumni Association?

No, it does not. Although this contribution certainly is an important way to support your institution, it does not make you a member of the Association. You must be a dues paying member to enjoy the privileges of membership and receive all the benefits listed on this website.

But I receive the December issue of Southern Alumni each year, so I must be a member.

The December issue is mailed to a much wider audience as a once-per-year promotion to illustrate awareness, communication, and good will between the SIU Alumni Association and its many constituents. It is our hope that this issue connects with potential members and shows the benefits of membership. Once you are a member, you will start receiving the other three annual issues of Southern Alumni, as well as the monthly edition of our Saluki Pride e-newsletter.

How about if I have the SIU Alumni Association Credit card -- does that have any ties to membership?

Credit card holders are not automatic members of the Association. However, the credit card is indeed part of our affinity program, and thus does help support the Association.

Does my membership support current SIU students, as well as activities for alumni around the world?

Your support benefits future Salukis in many ways. The SIU Alumni Association provides the Roscoe Pulliam Scholarships, sponsors the award-winning Extern Program, offers a special membership rate for students as well as many other student related activities. We sponsor the Student Alumni Council, a registered student organization which assists with many service projects within the communities.

I love the University and attend many functions associated with the institution, but am not a graduate of SIU. Can I still become a member of the SIU Alumni Association?

Membership is open to all who are friends of Southern Illinois University, including current students. Many of our members are not actual graduates of Southern but are dedicated individuals who support the programs and services offered by the SIU Alumni Association.

Have a question? Please e-mail the SIU Alumni Association.