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More than 34,000 alumni reside in the Chicagoland Area. To meet fellow SIU alumni and participate in future activities, please contact Chapter Representatives Jim Buczynski and Vanessa Matheny or SIU Alumni Association at 618-453-2408. To update your records so that we can keep you informed and in touch with Southern Illinois University Carbondale, please be sure to update your recordsAre you on LinkedIn or Facebook? Join our Chicago Chapter Group on Facebook. Also, join our SIU Alumni Association LinkedIn group or Facebook Fan Page

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To become a member of the SIU Alumni Association visit or call 618-453-2408 (M-F, 8 am to 4:30 pm CST). If you join online, please include the code "Chicago" and a portion of your dues will support the Chicagoland Alumni Chapter Activities. 


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