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Fellow Salukis,

Southern Illinois University has a special meaning for each of us. Whether you spent hot summer days at Campus Beach, enjoyed performances at Shryock or McLeod Theater, or cheered the Salukis in that championship game in person, from your base, or via the web, these experiences connect you to SIU.

Our journeys to achieving our degrees encompass very special, lifelong memories. To commemorate your achievement and show your Southern pride, the SIU Alumni Association is pleased to offer the official class ring of Southern Illinois University.

Throughout the years, your class ring will symbolize your affiliation with SIU. It represents the memories of your friends, classes and the fun you had while working on your SIU degree.

Alumni writing letter with class ring

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The SIU class ring was designed by students and alumni for us, the graduates of Southern.

By purchasing the class ring, you’ve been afforded the opportunity to share in a common bond. Only SIU graduates and those students who have attained at least junior status (56 credit hours) are eligible to purchase this symbol of tradition.

We invite you to become a part of this important SIU tradition. You have contributed to Southern’s tradition of success, and deserve to carry on the tradition with the official class ring.

Buy your symbol of Southern tradition today!

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