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The memories and experiences of our alumni are part of the SIU Alumni Association's tapestry.

We preserve the legacy and history of these alumni on campus, building a powerful story for the University and creating the momentum to propel it into the future.

1950 SIU Band on Football Field

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Any payments remitted to the Alumni Association shall become property of the Association. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event a Membership payment is received that is an over-payment, under-payment, or other erroneous payment, the Association will attempt to contact the individual or entity making such payment to determine the payor’s wishes with respect to such payment, e.g. process a refund, apply to future charges, treat as a donation. After 3 separate, unsuccessful contact attempts by the Association to an individual who has made such over-payment, under-payment or other erroneous payment, the Association may, at its option, process the payment as a donation to the Association, or apply the payment to future membership charges. Where possible, each contact with the payor to resolve the payment at issue will be attempted by phone, email, and direct mail; each contact shall be made up to 3 separate occasions. “Unsuccessful contact” shall mean a contact which does not result in a substantive reply to the request to resolve the payment issue within 30 days of such contact.